Young Family

My partner and I decided to start a family early. After only being together for two years we made the decision to start a family. After a great deal of research we found a local fertility and women's health center. I gave birth to our first son in August 2007. We soon found out we weren't complete. Before he could turn two, we decided to add to our family. We were surprised by twin boys who joined us this past January. Our family still does not feel comolete. We hope to find vials for donor 2478 (fairfax cryobank) because we hope to add just one more in a few years. My partner and I are just 24 and 25, but couldn't be happier. With the help of donor 2478 and our physicians we have three healthy beautiful children. With the help of the donor sibling registry we have found at least 6 siblings for our children. We hope to establish contact with the other parents so that our children can interact with each other in the future.