Board of Directors

  • Wendy Kramer
    Wendy Kramer
    Co-Founder, Chair and Executive Director

    Wendy has co-authored many published papers on donor-conception, has reviewed abstracts for the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, and has also been a peer reviewer for the journals Human Reproduction, Reproductive BioMedicine Online and the Journal of Comparitive Effectiveness Research. She was Associate Producer on the Style Network's 2011 Emmy nominated show Sperm Donor and on MTV News & Docs 2013 docu-series Generation Cryo.  Wendy and her son Ryan have appeared on 60 Minutes, Oprah, Good Morning America and many other news shows and publications. Wendy is co-author of the book Finding our Families: A first-of-a-kind Book for Donor Conceived People and Their Families. Wendy holds a B.A. from Long Island University. Read Ellen' Glazer's short story: Finding Our People, Wendy and Ryan's Story

  • Ryan Kramer
    Ryan Kramer
    Co-Founder and Vice Chair
    Program Manager at Google Life Sciences (Verily)

    Ryan Kramer, a donor-conceived person, continues to co-manage the DSR with his mother Wendy. Ryan graduated high school at age 14, received an undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering at age 18, a Master's in Engineering Management at 19. He has worked at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Apple, and currently works at Google's life sciences company, Verily.

  • Todd Whitehurst
    Todd Whitehurst, MD
    Director of Hardware Development at Google Life Sciences (Verily)
  • Naomi Cahn
    Naomi Cahn is the Harold H. Greene Professor of Law at George Washington University Law School, and she has been a DSR Board Member since 2011. More information is available here
  • Ann Dixon, MSE
    CIO, Bolderwomen. Co-Founder, Serendip
  • Eugene D'Alessandro, CPA
    Accounting Specialists