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Dr. Decker

East 80s NYC, NY  USA
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unknown White. Height: 6'0. Brown hair. Brown eyes. I'm a Boy born Dec 21, 1989
Read message posted 07/05/16
Updated on 07/05/16 by Dschneid.
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unknown I'm a Boy born Jan 25, 1987
Read message posted 02/22/14
Updated on 02/22/14 by Notjon.
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unknown White. Height: On the short side?. Brown Curly hair. Medical student at the time. Jewish. Requested Jewish. Not 100% sure.. I'm a Girl born Mar 10, 1980
Read message posted 05/25/11
Updated on 01/14/13 by MollyGW.
Posted by Offspring
unknown Italian. Height: 6 ft. Blood type B+. Either medical student or resident. I'm a Girl born Jan 12, 1988
Posted 05/04/07
Updated on 09/03/08 by Aimeef12.
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unknown Started donating 1980. Stopped donating 1988. European. Blood type O+. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Fair complexion. Sperm Donor
Read message posted 10/26/08
Updated on 10/27/08 by Atyg.
Posted by Sperm Donor
unknown Born Feb 9, 1959. Started donating 1982. Stopped donating 1983. Russian Jew. Height: 5'11. Weight: 210. Blood type O-. Brown Curly hair. Green eyes. Medium complexion. Work at Medical School at time probably listed as a student. Jewish. Sperm Donor
Read message posted 11/06/08
Updated on 11/06/08 by Askjonathan.
Posted by Sperm Donor
unknown Medical student, my mother requested possible italian/Mediterranean background. I'm a Girl born Dec 31, 1976
Posted 11/11/06
Updated on 09/03/08 by BABYGIRL1976.
Posted by Offspring
unknown Medical school. Doctor. Jewish. I'm a Girl born Nov 6, 1985
Read message posted 11/16/05
Updated on 09/03/08 by E. Tattenbaum-Fine.
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unknown Medical. Italian/Mediterranean. Read message posted 10/03/09
Updated on 10/03/09 by Jeremy.
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109 Born Oct 16, 1956. Started donating Jan 18, 1985. Stopped donating Nov 15, 1987. FrenchItalian/Irish, Jew - Finno/Norsk. Height: 5'6". Weight: 140 lbs. Blood type A+. Brown Wavy hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Masters Degree. Writer/Educator. Unitarian. Mother's side of family devastated by WWII, and father's family are Mayflower Society members in the USA (Fullers, Potters, Pendletons, and Newhalls). My mother died a week following my 15th Birthday, and step-family needed me moved out, so into military medical corps at 17 y/o. I was assigned to assist the evacuation of Saigon. Married in grad school but when wife was barren I acted to seek an alternative to continue the lineage of my mother's very rare blood-line of the Gypsy-Jewish people (Asher) who came to Chicago by way of Stavanger, Norway. I had promised my dying grandma I would do that some day. It was such a joy that when other things did not happen for my life to that some babies happened. Dad's side relates to Fuller, Campbell, Pendelton, Haberer, Longo, Camello, Potter and Wood families from London and Western Europe. So I am #109. Currently. I am a Disabled Vietnam Veteran retired from about 20 years of service Active and Reserve duty in the Medical Service Corps. All my children have certain Veterans Administration healthcare benefits entitlement due to my duty during Search and Rescue operations in the evacuation of Saigon, South Vietnam in December 1974 and through Spring 1975. Sperm Donor
Girl born Jan 1, 1987
Read message posted 06/10/14
Updated on 06/24/16 by SvenWNewel.
Posted by Sperm Donor
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